12 Reasons Why Your Online Dating Photos Aren’t Getting You Dates

By Annie Watson
January 3, 2019

1. Is that you?
It’s important to represent yourself realistically when posting profile pictures online. You don’t want to show up for a drink and not have your date recognize you. I hear these stories all the time.

2. You took a selfie in the bathroom.
Nobody wants to see you holding up your phone in the mirror. They want to see what you look like when you’re happy and relaxed — when you’re having a good time. They also don’t want to see all the junk on your counter in your bathroom.

3. You look miserable.
Okay, you hate having your picture taken. But buck up. Hire a professional who can get you to feel relaxed in front of the camera and take enough photos so that you have a a lot to choose from. Eventually after shooting for a while you’ll become relaxed and uninhibited. This will be your best shot at getting a good date.

4. That photo was taken in 1986.
Photos that are obviously not current don’t do much for your profile. People don’t want to see that you ran a marathon in 1986. They want to see what you look like today. Put your best foot forward and have current pictures on your profile.

5. Blurry pictures.
Hmmm… That person looks kind of attractive but I can’t really tell because the picture so blurry. If your photo is not in focus don’t bother posting it.

6. Selfies in the gym.
I think I can tell that your fit even though you’re not in a gym. I can tell by the way your clothes fit you, and by your physique that you are fit. Selfie’s taken in a gym have incredibly poor lighting and are depressing. Hire a photographer and take some beautiful shots outdoors. I mean come on. We live in paradise.

7. Selfies taken in the car.
Somehow I don’t really find it fascinating to see you sitting in your car. I would much prefer seeing you sitting at a café, on the beach, or in a park. You’re probably really handsome but that low angle taken in the car really doesn’t do you justice. You have double chins and I can see up your nose.

8. Wow. This person is a slob.
Don’t take photos of yourself in a messy house. As a matter of fact – just go outside. Looking at the photos of someone’s house may be a turnoff. Perhaps they don’t like your style. You might be a really nice person – but jeez, your house is a disaster! Take it outdoors and be on the safe side.

9. Pictures of you and your kids.
While I don’t really mind seeing pictures of someone with their kids I’m not really sure if it’s great for Internet dating. A lot of judgment can come from that. I think that falls into the ‘more to be revealed’ category. For now, leave the kids out of it.

10. Nice fish you got there…
I am somehow amazed by all of the profile photos of people fishing. While I like fishing and I think it’s fun, I don’t want to see a picture of you holding up a really gross big smelly fish. Save that for your guy friends. It would be better to see photos of you having a good time enjoying yourself.

11. Group photos.
While it’s nice to see you with your friends, it is sometimes difficult to figure out who’s who in the photo. Be on the safe side and present yourself with a solo portrait.

12. Where did you get that outfit?
Think carefully about your wardrobe. If you wear ill fitting clothes, or look like a slob, most potential matches will pass you by.

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