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Some People are not sure if they are ready, but I say; 

"Why wait?"

I hear this sometimes when I am talking with a client;

"I really want to do some Glamour and Boudoir shots, but I'm scared… I have never had a good photo of myself. I feel awkward, I don't know how to pose, and feel a bit shy in front of a camera."

Believe me, I know how you feel. A lot of people feel kind of awkward when a camera is pointing right at them… but, here's the thing… I get it. This is about you, and my job as a photographer is to make you look and feel beautiful, and to capture that.

I work with all of my clients, coaching them the whole way through the shoot, to make sure they look their best. I concentrate on what angles are best for their face and body type. No double chins, fat arms, and forced smiles… we can do this!

I know we can.

I will listen to what your desires are, and what you plan on using the photos for. I will do my very best to capture you, in the best light, and best pose to suit your style.

Having your photograph taken should be all about you, and should not be a painful experience. It is about what you want. And that is what I try to deliver.

To me, looking natural, beautiful and confident makes an appealing photograph.

Before the session we will discuss wardrobe, and Hair & Makeup. 

I guarantee you will love your photos.

Call me today to book your dream photo shoot and come out of your shell. I promise you, it will be worth it. 203.485.0565

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Annie Watson Photography

Naples, Florida


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