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Annie Watson Photography encourages you to look your very best. 

We have excellent hair and makeup stylists that can completely glam you up.

Please review these make up tips for your Glamour, Boudoir, Senior Portraits, or Modeling Portfolio sessions.

Having the right make up is key to getting a good shot.
Here are a few tips to consider before your session.

• No spray tans
• If waxing, do it at least two days before the session - we do not want you to have a breakout
• No new products (with in 3 days) before shoot - again, no breakouts
• Go matte; no gloss, no glitter
• Moisturize before applying make up to avoid flaky skin
• Apply make up in good light
• Make sure your foundation matches your neck
• Go heavier than usual
• Bring face powder that matches your skin to the session

Experiment with your make up before your photography session and take some selfies using flash. Does the make up look good? Is there enough? Are your eyes defined? Do your contours show?

If not, try again, so you can come prepared with your best features highlighted and looking good.
If you want to learn more about make up, please check out these make up expert's videos on Youtube before coming in for your Glamour, Boudoir, Senior Portrait and Head Shot Session;
• Kandee Johnson
• Lauren Curtis
• Wayne Goss
• Michelle Phan

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